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Ghost Alarm

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Every time I get a new bike I think its going to get stolen, which has happened to me  before. I looked at several alarms and decided on Ghost Alarm, its a small GPS unit you hide on your bike and it texts  you if your bike moves and you can track it on Google maps. It isn't cheap $149 and you have to have a text only account for $4.99 a month 200 text per month minimum. I received it yesterday and installed it last night, 1 wire to positive and 1 to the negative post on the battery and a antenna you hide somewhere on the bike is all there is to it. When you hook it up you receive a text telling you its active. I then texted it to arm itself, I took the bike off the center stand, no movement other then that and immediately received a text telling me the vehicle has moved and sent me a Google map showing its  location, so it seems to work as advertised. I had a bike stolen with a bike stolen with a disk lock on it so I wanted something more. Here's a link if you are interested.     https://www.ghostalarm.com/
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