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I posted this video as a reply to a thread in the Ride Report section but I thought it was important enough to create a thread dedicated to the video. In my opinion, the information included in this should be taught to all MC riders. No one I've talked to in the states knows what a SMIDSY even is, and it certainly wasn't discussed in the MSF course I took. It stands for Sorry Mate I Didn't See You, but it's a fun word to say on its own, smidsy. After watching the video, I finally understood why cagers have such a hard time seeing bikes and gave me the tools to detect very early when a car may not see me and how to make myself more visible. It's true, cagers need to pay more attention, but they are the ones strapped into a protective cage. It's our bodies sliding across the pavement if they screw up, so it's in our best interest to help them out as best we can.

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I watched the video, some useful information, but pretty much what every seasoned rider does (try to know that they are going to do before they do). We don't say MATE here in the states, so BUDDY would probably do the trick. SBIDSY, sorry buddy, I didn't see you.
Open space on the road, I cager may try and change lanes into it. Driver looking in mirrors, probably wants to change lanes. Head bobbing up and down, probably distracted with a cell phone or radio, avoid at all costs.
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I'm in the states and I say mate sometimes but I guess I'm weird. Smidsy is more fun to say IMHO and I'm pretty sure everyone here knows what mate means. Most recently you can credit the Crocodile Hunter for that. G'Day Mate! Watching the background of the car was a lightbulb moment for me. Humans see movement, or big shapes. If the background behind the car isn't moving, you can pretty much figure you are invisible to them. The TV show Brain Games explores this concept too on a more general way unrelated to motorcycles. I think it's on Netflix right now. I've seen cars creeping until I did a weave and they slam on the brakes because they finally see me. They were looking right through me before. I have had someone get irate that I did a weave, but they obviously didn't see me before I did it so I'm still glad I did it. Typical American cagers for you though. I bet they thought I was being wreckless. Nope. Just trying to be seen.
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