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Road Trip Home On New FJ-09

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I flew out early Monday morning from San Francisco and landed in sunny San Diego. After sorting out my broken phone fiasco I got a ride to the dealership and picked up my brand new bike! Zero miles and she was all mine  :D I strapped on my Kriega bag and was on my way. I apologize for the picture quality, I had to take them with a crappy Tracfone.
I didn't get many pics from the first day, I was trying to get out of the LA area as quickly as possible before rush hour. I did stop at Starbucks in Irvine to stretch my legs and take a pic. 
I stopped by Ventura where I lived for a few years (still as beautiful as ever) and got to Buellton to stay for the night.
The next morning I left around 10am and decided to make the best of my two days off work and take the scenic route. 
Fueling up in Santa Maria
First stop on Highway 1. Gassed up and bought a surprisingly good chipotle chicken sandwich from the deli in Cayucos then hung out at the beach for a while.
Stopped on the way to Big Sur.
I chatted a while with John and his loaded down Goldwing. 
Last stop in Carmel, met up with another rider named Dennis. His nephew was getting married in San Jose so he took a couple weeks off and was riding down from Quebec. 
I finally got home, I'll take some pics my XT600E with it's new stablemate tomorrow. The FJ is incredible, so fast and composed...  It was surprising how easy the bike is to ride, I was a little apprehensive because I have never ridden such a fast bike more then a couple miles. It really is a breeze though, the fueling was smooth and very tame until you want to go fast. Despite having to keep the RPM's low the acceleration is intense, I had it up to 7500rpm for a second and it was barely even in the powerband... Crazy! Once I got used to how fast the motor revs (rolling at walking speed while slipping the clutch) it was easy, not as easy as my XT but very impressive. 
I averaged 43mpg, not bad considering I was averaging at least 80mph on the highway. The stock windscreen could be better but it's a fantastic bike.
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