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Hi from Italy


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Hi guys, i'm a reader of your great forum by a couple of months, everytime looking for infos about "our" bike; i'm Filippo and i'm writing from Monza, northern Italy, near the famous racetrack.
I've traded in a fantastic Suzuki SV650S and i bought the MT-09 Tracer , european name of the FJ.
fb6e40403060668.jpg f8ff0b403060745.jpg ed090f403060816.jpg 54e552403060849.jpg
I'm very satisfied about it but i HATE the wind "rumble" that the stock screen makes on my helmet (i'm 183cm tall and i can't find a good riding position to avoid the noise) so i'm looking to find the best solution (small sporty screen ? tall touring screen ? wind deflector on the stock one ?).
I've also already made some modifications:
SW-Motech crash bars
c16f68412628323.jpg b83468412628351.jpg 5f9b49412628374.jpg a934e8412628411.jpg d136b9412628447.jpg 90d454412628458.jpg 625c36412628482.jpg 63a65e412628514.jpg ab2dc9412628542.jpg
Hand made radiator guard
c89c2d415331822.jpg 28b7e5415331832.jpg d13d42415331843.jpg
And last of all.... let me apologize for my english, it's sometimes too much "spaghetti-english" :)
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