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Thunder in the Valley Johnstown PA


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A coworker and I rode out to Thunder in the Valley in Johnstown PA.  It is a short jaunt from the burgh, but very nice.  As i'm new to the area, I haven't actually been out that far or to that part of the Laurel Highlands.  The views out there are awesome.  We took 22 east, and then 56 south on the way out, so not too exciting.  While there I did some demos, and rode a Super Tenere, FJR, DR650, DR400 Motard, and a Vstrom 650.  The Super Tenere feels so tame compared to the FJ, and is too snappy in sport mode, but still feels gutless for a 1200.  The FJR is amazing, and if I had to chose between the two it would be a toss up.  I would need more seat time to feel how it feels in that position on long trips, but I never noticed the seat at all (and that is a good thing).  the power delivery is insanely smooth, but rolling on is tons of fun.  Nothing else impressed me, but i'm hoping to go back Sunday (weather permitting) to try the R3, and see if I can get on the vstrom 1000.  
On the way back I took a much more leisurely scenic route of 56, to 711, to 31, to 2021, and up 66 towards home.  Took a couple detours as well and snapped a few pics out in the wild:
That is a gravel road I found myself on for about 2 miles.  Fine except for a short section that hard large gravel that was a bit squirrely.  
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