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Pagoda Hillclimb


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Every summer at Reading, PA outside Philadelphia, they run the Pagoda Hillclimb in June and the Duryea Hillclimb in August.  These are for cars, not bikes.
A great collection of home made/modified cars with giant wings.  Lotus, VW, formula v, cars with bike engines or snowmobile engines, muscle cars.  And there are no crowds, no tickets, no security, no nothing as you sit at the start, or inside turns 2 and 3.  You can run across the track between runs.
My ride was about 1 hour.  The bike, at 200 miles now, is breaking in nicely now.  Feel and sound have changed for the better.  The windshield totally sucks.  No shield at all would be an improvement.  I am 6'2".  It is best, but still very bad, in lowest position.  I am still doing most riding in B mode (my bike for 34 years was 1982 Yamaha 750 Seca (64 hp).  But now I am starting to venture into standard mode.  Wow, it really goes.  And it is starting to lean more comfortably.  It rides a bit stiff if the highway is not smooth.  Why do they pave a highway and then dig up strips every 20 yards?  Ouch.  Can't stand those.
I go to the Pagoda every year.  Grassroots motorsports.  On the way home, Valley Forge National Park.  Sightseers doing 10 mph.  Ugh!
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