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UK Noob saying hi


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Just saying hello.
Noob to both the forum and biking and my Tracer (Fj-09) is my first bike. Had lots of comments and i'm sure will get a few that it's not an ideal first bike but i think it's great. Lots of safety features, high seating position, loads of torque and the range to commute 60 miles each way when the weather is good.
I'm 6' 190lbs, ride mountain bikes and am doing my helicopter training so good motor skills and good sense of self preservation. Also do car track days in a Honda S2000 so i know how to spot poor road conditions!
I wanted a bike to help me decide what my long term bike would be and this one allows me to explore torquey relaxed cruising, motorway (highway) commuting and high revving, great handling almost sports bike style. So give me a year and i'll know where to go next.
Done 1000 miles in the month i've had it and loving it.
Race Blu ex-demo with Touring screen, lots of rubber bits and a few add ons and a great tailbag and good to go - always in B mode! :D
Have found the forum interesting so wanted to say thanks.
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hello there
don't be surprised that in a year, you find yourself still being happy on the Tracer
where do you live?
where is your chopper training? I live just a couple of miles from Bond's Staverton HQ and take regular rides into the Cotswolds and South/Mid Wales.
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That would a great result - i hope so!
I'm south of you down in Poole, Dorset.
Training at Bournemouth airport so up and down the jurassic coast and isle of wight mostly. only a few hours in though so far! The Tracer put a dent in the budget!
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