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New FJ owner from St. Louis MO


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Hi I'm Dennis I just bought my FJ-09 Friday night so figured I would join the group. Picked it up at Holzhauer Pro Motorsports in Nashville Illinois for $9299 plus their paperwork fees and stuff. I traded in my 2011 R1 and paid cash for the difference so it's all mine!! I've only put 18 miles on it so far but I absolutely love it. I had the R1 for 2 years and only put 3000 miles on it because I was so uncomfortable riding it for long distances. I think my first upgrade will be fender eliminator, custom led blaster x tail light and flush mounts. Next might be exhaust but Ive always had loud bikes so I may keep this one quiet. I have a pile of aftermarket parts I kept off the R1 so when those sell I'll start buying upgrades for the FJ
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