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Boulder Creek


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Hanging with a FZ rider in Boulder Creek, CA. after a great ride on the 9.  We hung out and rode back through Big Basin rippin' the twisties.  If you live in the Bay Area you have to check this out.
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Great area, I lived in Felton for a few years. I wasn't riding at the time... it just seemed to dangerous for country bumpkin from Alaska. Drove a little convertible sports car that was fun around there though.
what and where did the little back rest/tail pack on your bike come from.
Coming to you from the frozen wastelands of the barren north
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I've rolled through Boulder Creek many a time. Good roads there. it used to be get there early to avoid cars, now it seems go in the late afternoon so the bicyclists have finished.
Have you ridden hwy 25 to 198 to Coalinga? A personal favorite.
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