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Ephrata PA First Sunday


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Ephrata is a small town in Amish country about 80 miles west of Philadelphia.  On the first Sunday of each month, motorcycles form 100's of miles ride in to the local VFW, gather, chat, have coffee, look at bikes and ride out.  All types of bikes are there: cruisers, Harley's, sports, Ducati's, rat bikes, did I say Harleys?  Harleys?  Harleys?  I'd say there are about 500-1,000 bikes to look at.  My favorites are what I call rat bikes, hand made, dirty, asbestos tape on the exhaust pipes, parts from everything, and very cool.
It's a back road ride for me through rolling farmland about an hour from Valley Forge National Park. 
On the way, it's Sunday morning and it is fun to see the Amish leaving churches in their carriages, bicycles and walking, all in their traditional plain clothing.  What do those young Amish kids think when I come by on my FJ-09 Transformers futuristic bike?
I have pics, but haven't figured out the whole posting thing yet.
Another great day trip.
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