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FJ-09 Akrapovic Ti Exhuast

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@2wheeldynoworks Is there a difference in terms of flashing for the Akrapovic TI and the Akrapovic TI Racing line (not really sure how to differentiate). I have the one with the carbon fiber tip, I guess its the 2017 model titanium (not the full carbon can).
Also, their dyno chart on their website show a fairly significant difference in power (mainly in the lack of dip in torque at ~5200 RPM) between the baffle in and baffle out... maybe because the chart for the "EC-ECE Compliant" has the catalytic coverter installed? Here is the chart from their website... https://d1sfhav1wboke3.cloudfront.net/ImageServer/Apim2media/Documents/17307/b32020a903b04ca2bf69dd7f51878621.pdf

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Looking at the website from what I can tell it's just an updated tip for 2017. I haven't seen one in shop yet to see if there's a difference on the dyno yet but I can't imagine it's different at all. The numbers they're showing are at two different rpm values even, and it weighs 0.4kg more, which I imagine is the external skin since there's a bit more of it than on the previous version. From what I can tell it's an aesthetic upgrade and that's about it.
The graphs don't provide enough data to draw any real conclusions either.
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