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Hello, new member in Richmond, IN


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Picked up my new FJ almost 3 weeks ago. Now have 700 miles on it. Going in for my 600 mile service tomorrow.
Took initial notice of FZ09 when I started reading all the mag reviews raving about the motor. When I saw they were coming out with the FJ and all the extras (ABS, TC, better suspension, etc.) knew I had to have one. Went to the motorcycle ergo site and compared it to my 2011 Versys. Except for the footpegs being a couple of inches more rearward they are virtually identical. Sold.
I'm 63 yo. 6'3", 220 lbs with a 36" inseam. I'll be looking for a way to lower footpegs for added legroom.
Have had bikes continuously since I was 13. Probably 30 or more. Last 4 were '91 ST1100, '01 SV650, '05 Bonneville and '11 Versys.
Look forward to joining in to discussions and learning all I can about this brilliant bike.
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