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New member in ~Boulder, Co.

Guest brian

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Guest brian
Gear-Head & Computer nerd from ~Boulder, Co. checking in.
Just picked up my new FJ09, my first new motorcycle. Coming from a Ninja 1000(non-R) it will take some adjustment, but I think it'll do just fine. I'm looking forward to some good, quality time on this machine. I call it therapy, because it truly is to me. 
I'm boring, but I like to get out and see a lot of this and the surrounding states, so I'll just talk in pictures. I'm always up for a ride, so if anyone ever is thinking about visiting Co. I'm happy to go on rides and point out some other awesome rides!
The newest member of the family, looking forward to thousands of miles of fun. 
The dirty member of this family. 
My ex, we've had some great journeys around the Rockies. I loved my Ninja, great bike, easy for 700 mile days. Probably more if I could toughen up. 
The other dirty member: 
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Welcome and congratulations on the new two wheeler.
Everyday's a good day when your able to ride
15 FJ-09 - 2WDW ECU flash, Givi SV201, Nelson Rigg tail bag, OES sliders, Koubalink extenders, Ermax Sport, Vista Cruise, OEM seat mod, (smiles)
07 Honda ST1300A (sold)
06 Kawi KLR650 - Big Gun full exhaust, Corbin, Givi, PMR racks, carb mod (keeper)
97 Honda VFR750 - Traxxion Dynamics, Penske, Givi 3 piece, carbon exhaust (keeper?)
20+ years of snowmobiles
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Guest brian
Thanks for the warm welcome.
I am fortunate to have the riding and opportunity that I do have here in Co.
I've only got about 20 miles on the bike so far, too early to really give a good assessment of differences between bikes. I'll chime in after this weekend, going to do a long ride on Sunday.
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I've got about 2K on the bike so far, it's interesting, I'm still not 100% on if I like it or not. I've taken a break from riding as my vacation in Ouray, Co on the DR650 ended with me taking a trip to the ER with a head injury from a crash that was caused by me being stupid and riding too fast.
When I start out riding it seems a little vibey to me around 3500RPM, but I get used to it later in the ride and my hands stop going numb.
I don't really compare this to the ninja. This is a completely different bike than the ninja. The ninja to me was a bit less upright, but was just as comfortable with about the same seat height and a little worse leg-angle, but i'm short so that didn't matter. . . the ninja seat was nicer. The ninja definitely inspired more confidence in the corner. The power on this bike is a blast. The ninja definitely was a freight train down low and up high. This seems to be the same, but more aggressive down low and then through the mid-range but on the top end it's not the ninja, not quite a bad thing.
I've done a 650 mile day through the mountains, I could see myself doing 1000 miles on this bike in a day at some point. Maybe a IBA attempt is needed. . . of course with another seat.
I've not looked at mods, I need to do something with the windshield on this thing. At 5'8 the windshield drops the air in a way that just makes everything noisy. . . in due time I'll figure out what i'm going to do here.
Hey, pictures!
Glad I bought new handguards the day before I left.
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