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GB Racing Case Covers Review

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My GB Racing covers came in today from motomummy (great company, paid $305.46, free shipping, arrive in 3 days) so I threw them on tonight. The right side covers were very quick and easy to install and all the bolts were the same length. The left side, however, was a little trickier.
Since the cover for the water pump actually goes around the hose, you have to rotate the clamp on the hose and remove the drain bolt. This meant carefully planning which bolts come off first and eventually losing some coolant. I caught most of it in a drain pan, but I would guess no more than a few tablespoons were lost.
Otherwise the whole thing was a pretty straightforward process and it resulted in some awesome crash protection that will potential save some huge money down the road. As you can see from the last photo, our engines kind of poke out a bit! which means that will be the first thing to break your fall in such an event.
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