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FJ Break in

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Well EveryoneWhat a day. Just took the brand new FJ for the break in ride. I absolutely love this bike. I have the FZ also, its a Fantastic bike, but its a raw almost old school style bike. Either the FZ prepared me well for the FJ or the FJ came with a big box of confidence. Riding the FZ was like being in a 69 Camaro, Riding the FJ was like being in a 2015 Porsche. Holy S##t what a difference. Put about 200 miles on it today and it was Fantastic. For any of you SoCal riders, I took it up to Mt. Baldy, across Glendora hwy. Perfect place for a good break in. Cant wait to ride this thing up to Laguna Seca this coming week and many more miles after that.
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