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Soft Side Bags Stays


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sorry for my bad english
Had some stainless steel bars 
65" long, 1" wide and 0.08" thick
Bend 1 to fit at passenger foot pegs and reach just free of tire.
Cut the other so i have 4 pieces, 9.5" long and fastened them in the joints with some longer screws.
and drilled holes in the steel bars to for nuts and bolts, gonna buy stainless bolts and nuts but for now they sit with what i got in the garage...
image.jpg4_zpsysiubhmz.jpg Photo3
Saved 140$ for not throwing some steel away a couple of years ago...
gonna put shrink hose on (as its called here in sweden) to make it black and not so eyecatching.
took me 2 hours to think, measure, cut and drill.... 
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Looks awesome! Be wary of the bolts on the inside of the passenger peg. a customer of mine did a similar thing on another bike and once weighted off the center stand, the swingarm comes up quite a bit and hits the bolt on the left side (right side is further out due to exhaust attachment on his bike)and it scraped a deep gouge in the side of the swingarm.
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You inspired me to fabricate some brackets out of aluminum flat bars and aluminum angles. I had the flat bars already so I only had to purchase the angles for about $10.kUL9nGp.jpg

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Estell- Nice work too.
This is what I made to keep my saddlebags safe. I remove them between trips.http://s296.photobucket.com/user/daleh627/media/Luggage%20racks%20-%20finished_zpsqjpzwlqq.jpg.html?o=3
Aluminum square tubing.  Rigid, super light.
I love to see everyone's home made solutions to their particular issue.
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