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What are your thoughts on theses Crash Bars / Sliders?

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Hi all
Please excuse the lack of introduction (that will come, promise!) but I am the proud owner of an ex owner 64 reg (that's a feb 15) ex Demo tracer. as part of the deal it came with the official Yamaha engine sliders and they fitted R&G front and rear axle bobbins.
But I realised that the "mid section of the frame wasn't protected so went on the R&G website and saw 2 more bobbins. Now for this price you can get crash bars. Whilst some people think they are ugly, I think they go with the styling of the bike, and you can mount you DRL on them lol. so I have had a look around. On ebay there are two pairs:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Crash-Bars-for-Yamaha-MT-09-Tracer-2015-black-Highway-Bars-/400943349601?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d5a15ff61
looks very similar to sw motech, looks nice and simple and seems to protect the upper part of the engine.
or there are these;http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Givi-TN2122-ENGINE-GUARDS-Yamaha-MT-09-TRACER-2015-black-CRASH-BARS-new-UK-stock-/191635145635?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2c9e5843a3
Givi, a little more "top to bottom "protection but maybe less "width protection but maybe I could sell off the hugely overpriced Yamaha sliders (to pay for the bars??)
lower profile on the width but better on the height
what are your thoughts guys and ladies???
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That top link is the SW-Motech with the branding removed. Look at the caps for the bolt holes, that is the sw-motech logo. I have those bars and love them, they are great and solid. A couple people have dropped their bike with these on and avoided damage for the most par.t
The price is not bad either, cheaper than I paid for mine (around $200 USd i think, they came from germany and were like 150 Euro, which was cheaper than buying them from a US supplier).
The Givi's look nice, but the sw-motech give you option of mounting lights/camera, highway pegs (although I was thinking about this, but don't know if I could get any comfortably mounted).
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Thanks for the reply db.
Highway pegs in the UK? that's a laugh we just have traffic jams on our motorways.
I like the fact that the givi bars cover more of the engine and I reckon at that price I could probably sell my genuine Yamaha sliders to cover the cost
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I've just bitten the bullet and bought the Givi bars and hope that I can sell my Yamaha sliders to recoup my costs
Think of it this way even if you don't.  If you happen to ever need those crash bars, you've recouped your cost.  Hopefully you don't ever, and it is just peace of mind.  Another member with the SW-Motech did drop his bike, and still scrathed one of the engine casings.  So depending on placement, you may want to keep them on.  Based on reviews, i've not seen very good things about the yamaha's and they may be a hard sell.  
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