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Short rides


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I love the long trips and I love the magnificent destinations.  But, 90% of my rides are just 20-40 minute jaunts from home.  A weeknight or a weekend morning, when the roads are a bit quiet.  Just to get out from the house for a while, is just so sweet. 
Here in southeast PA, we are having a heat wave.  We are just laying low, staying cool, watching movies and sports on TV with the AC working.  Lots of people are at the Jersey shore and it just quiets down around here in the Philly suburbs. 
Then, early evening, I am just going out to tootle around on the new bike.  The air is so warm and moist it feels like water.  The engine seems to love the humidity and is so smooth.  Slow turns through the leafy, curvy, hilly suburban roads, just leaning in, smooth power out.  Getting smooth now on the new engine and clutch. 
I'm not wearing all the gear, just jeans, t-shirt and a half-helmet.  Taking it easy.  The motor is just humming.  Matching revs, smooth on the brakes.  Sailing and flying through warm water air.
I am only in my first 60 days with the new bike.  I am used to 64 hp in my old bike for 30 years. I am staying in B mode a lot while I get used to the new power.  So then, I am at a red light, going from 2 lanes to one lane.  No one is racing, no one cares.  I slip into Standard mode and, jeez, when the light turns, I whoosh into the front without effort.  Sweet.
Yeah, I am liking this new bike.  Very nice.
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I went out for a short ride yesterday evening to test a new satnav setup. Turned into a 60 mile loop through the Severn Valley and Forest of Dean I'm 5.5 months and 5850 miles into ownership and I am still loving the bike.
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