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 Just picked up my FJ yesterday after test ride the day before . A bit of a spontaneous purchase but I have been thinking about owning a bike that hurts less for a bit now . A day of riding my spouses F800st sold me on the idea that not all bikes have to have clip-ons . Put 200 + km on last night and my wrists loved it . Now just waiting for my bags / hot grips (absolute must in BC ) / rack , and getting break-in miles out of the way so I can really get out on the road and get to know if this bike lives up to its potential . 
 Only one slight disappointment so far is I was expecting the seat would be a bit more comfortable but it's better than the plank on my R1200S that i've been touring on for years .
 I am looking forward to using the resources on this forum in the coming months as I make this FJ 09 into MY FJ 09
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