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@Cruizin invited me to join this board since I'm pretty active on his FZ07-related property.
I've been retrofitting 3-way adjustable cartridge systems into damper-rod equipped bikes for the last 10 years. I've done almost a dozen FZ07 retrofits in the last few months and have done quite a number of SV650 and Ninja 650R applications for street riders and CCS/ASRA racers, as well last year's Queensland regional champion. I am currently working on a 1-off for a 1986 FZ750, recently did an application for the Ninja 300, and next week or so the Yamaha R3.
Obviously the FZ/FJ-09 already has a cartridge system  but given the troubles with especially the FZ, I believe I can leverage my experience and improve the quality of your riding experience; Better Riding thru better Suspension - to paraphrase DuPont.
Here are some threads that I have contributed significantly to.

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