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New life... new bike

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I just rode my brand new FJ 09 home today. I got the grey version and ordered the panniers for it. I couldn't be more stoked about this bike. So far, I'm very impressed. I can't wait to put more km's on it.
I'm coming from a BMW R1150R. It was a great bike, but I always felt it was a ticking time-bomb. I heard about the dreaded spline issues shortly after purchasing it, and lo and behold, 2 weeks ago, after 62,000 km's, they finally blew.. Bike goes nowhere, hence, my new bike.
Lots of other big changes happening in my life as well, so I felt it was time to change bikes. The BMW was fun and I'll always be a fan of them, but I'm more than happy with the Yamaha. By far, it's one of the sexiest bikes I've ever seen (especially in the grey ;))
Good times ahead!!
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Congrats. I bought mine last month and I am smiling every time when I ride it. I also had changes in my life last November. Getting back to riding after over 20 years is the best decision I made thus far. I have been using it for commuting and I am planning to do long trips with it this summer.
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By far, it's one of the sexiest bikes I've ever seen (especially in the grey ;)
Good times ahead!!
Welcome, if you think grey is sexy, you should see the red!!!wings_zpsszsdvz9g.gif 
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