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Noob from Scotland


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Hello, TDMTAM from Scotland, looking into replacing my trusted 2008 TDM 900.
I initially had the Tracer and the Tiger 800 on my list as replacement, but also noticed 2nd hand 2 year old Ducati Multistrada 1200's at the same kind of price range !!! Also as wild cards would be the FJR1300 and XT1200z again used.
So I am here to glean information on the Tracer.
I use my bike most working days for the 24 mile commute to work and back in all but snow and ice, and also for weekend blasts and the odd Euro trip. 
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Hello and welcome from New Zealand ,firstly you will not be dissapointed with purchasing a Tracer I traded a 2008 r1 on which I covered more than 80ks on in on new one and couldn't be happier ,I use mine pretty much all the time daily commute of 80km round trip all country roads have just clocked 6,500km due for second service and FYI a new rear tyre as I find the rear dunlop d222 a very dissapointing all round tyre for the use and conditions I use mine in.Going back to PR4s superb all round tyre very user friendly!
I along with my partner have done several trips the last one we covered 850km over a 3 day period factory hard luggage loaded to the max the bike was faultless very stable and more than enough power for all your requirements.Fuel economy has been very good also averaging approx 19ks per litre this is allround highway town use.
Headlights are fantastic and you would be very hard pressed to out drive them unless you have a death wish.There is a lot of talk about the screen noise ,buffering but to be honest I'm happy with standard screen and 6"1 tall I always ride with good ear plugs and personally leave the screen at its lowest setting.Weather protection is above average and this morning when I head home from work the temp will be -3c the hand guards offer good protection although I have factory heated grips on order along with a radiator guard ,not going to bother with after market pipes as I like the stealth capilbilities of the bike :)
I also hve no issues with throttle response etc ride pretty much all the time in std mode and to be honest after my r1 which also was FBW the Tracer is a vast improvement ,added bonus of ABS and TC ,the latter saved my arse the other day -5 frost and roads covered in ice B mode also was invaluble.
To sum up I have been on bikes for 42yrs and owned 15 over that time and to be honest the Tracer would have to be the best value and most complete alrounder that I I've ever owned .
Hope this is of some assistance to you in making your choice 8-)
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