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Givi luggage top mount sr2122

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Did the mount sr2122 come with the mono key plate or do you get that separate? I was confused when considering ordering this.
You will install the SR2122, and you'll also need to buy an adapter plate for the topcase. If you are using a Givi Monokey case, than the M5 or M7 plate will work. I installed the M5. The M7 is newer, and would probably look better. Also installed are the Givi sidecase mounts. 
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I have the same set-up as @zachd then use an E45 box on the topbox plate and if touring, Kappa K40 cases on the sides. Kappa is made by Givi and uses the same Monokey system. A K40 case can be used as a topbox to provided added flexibility.
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