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I see centerstand, handguards, and one big guage sceeen/GPS?

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So far I see centerstand, handguards, and an interesting LCD screen that is very large. Could this be a factory GPS?? If so, people are gonna flip out.
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aren't all the drawings just peoples photoshop jobs? I hope its not a GPS those usually require a service contract in order to work. If it had some kind of pass through so we could use the gps in our pockets it would be better anyways.
Hopefully they leave this as an entry level sport-touring bike and not ramp up the price for widgets.
That said i hope it has a center stand, bigger tank, and other than that exactly like the fz-09. A windscreen is fine.
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The Black and Whites were drawings submitted to the Us Patent office, so I would imagine that the bike will be pretty close to those.
The way my FZ-09 handles, I love it. Think abut turning and it turns. If they add better suspension this FJ-09 will be so freakin sweet, so light and responsive.
The patent pic does show a bigger tank and centerstand, and chain drive. I really think that we will see it released at one of the fall bike shows in a couple of weeks.
We will post up any info here as it is released!
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