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New FJ-09 Pricing ?- Alberta


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Alberta pricing for new FJ?
Hey there - i'm in the market for a new bike. I've owned a plethora of different motorcycles and seem to always come back to a v-strom - 2 650's and now on a 1K. I'm ready for a different machine. As much as I think i'm going to ride more offered with it, we never do. Fire roads or the FTR, sure - but that can be done on any bike. I recently came across the FJ-09 and saw that it was receiving great reviews. Thought I would check it out and tomorrow i'm heading down to Argyll (Edmonton) to take a look and sit on one. 
Just wondering what the going price is - out the door - for one of these? I've seen quotes around $11,300 all in. Just not sure if better can be had - especially with the soft market right now. 
Any help is appreciated :)
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