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Anyone try the Givi e22n cases?

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Found a pair of these for $220 at a local shop.  link
Anybody running these on their FJ or have experience with them? The case shape looks like it might compliment the FJ, as I prefer a narrow case with an "aerodynamic" look to it. I'd go for the Yamaha cases, as I think they compliment the bike best, but don't want to drop $1000 if I can find a close alternative for cheaper.
I also really like the side shape of the V35 cases but think they're too wide for the FJ's narrow stance, unless someone has rear pics of them mounted to convince me otherwise. Same with the Shad cases. Looks good from the side but way too wide from the rear. I prefer a narrower case at the expense of sticking a helmet in it. The FJ's just to slim to look good with bulbous side cases, in my eyes. Part of why I love it!
The V35 does look good from the side though.  link
Thanks for any input!
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also search for Kappa K22n which is the same product and sometimes cheaper - I have Kappa K40 cases ordered on Ebay from Outlet Ricambi in Naples Italy
See here http://www.ebay.com/usr/outlet_ricambi?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 - there are some other European vendors. All ship worldwide and delivery from Italy to the UK takes just 3 days so perhaps add a day or two for the USA.
Kappa is part of Givi. Some products are identical apart from the logo, some have a different cosmetic finish and some are made from a cheaper plastic. There is a small number of items unique to each brand e.g. the Trekker stuff from Givi.
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