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Shad SH36 side cases and SH48 top case installed

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I have installed the SH48 top case with Shad rack (apologies to Nebuchadnezzar) and SH36 side cases with Shad racks.
Mention soft bags when ordering the side cases and you may get free soft bags (I did). The soft bags are nice, and mean that you can potentially leave the side cases on the bike.
I did the install using a $10 combo hex wrench intended for bicycle use (see pictures). Good thing to keep in your top case! Or side case.
The top case is supposed to hold two full-face helmets (I haven't tried), and the side cases each hold one full-face helmet.
Unlike GIVI, Shad allows you to close cases without locking them. I'm not sure yet whether this is a desirable feature or an invitation to trouble.
Shad's immediate advantages over OEM are: 
- Shad are not backordered
- the Shad side cases are bigger, and can hold helmets
- if you get a different bike, the Shads are probably easier to take with you
- Shad may have more accessories, like soft bags for inside the side cases, backrests, etc.
- Shad are cheaper
- they are wider (matters in almost the entire world, doesn't matter in 49 states of the US)
- they don't say "Yamaha" on them.
The side cases came with an extra lock so that I can rekey the top case and have one key for all the cases. I asked Shad how to do the lock change; they sent me a PDF, but I haven't yet succeeded in doing it.
Please ask questions!
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I re-keyed my top case by watching a youtube video.  I'm not able to pull up youtube to find it at the moment, but if I do I will add the link, you can search for changing lock shad top case.
One thing, when you remove the lock, do it slowly and watch for the parts that hold the handle back.  I have the sh39 (wish I would have gotten the 48),and when i pulled the lock, the spring and 2 plastic pieces dropped out.  I had a heck of a time trying to get them back in place.  At least look and see the orientation when you remove the lock assembly if you can.r
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