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Changing Mode at Speed

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Had a Aha / Duh moment today while out riding.  This may be old news to some but I didn't see anything mentioned about it in older posts.
I was riding around in Std mode and wanted to be in A mode.  No stop signs or red lights were on the horizon, and I didn't feel like stopping just to change the mode.  I wasn't sure if the ability to change the mode was controlled by speed or rpm.  As an experiment I pulled in the clutch (coasting along at about 60mph) closed the throttle and, when the rpm dropped to idle, pushed the mode button and I was now in A.  Rolled the throttle back up, let the clutch out and continued on happily riding in A mode (which is rapidly becoming my most commonly used mode since my ECU flash).
Just an FYI for those who hadn't thought about this yet either.
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