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Trying to Catch Up!

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So I just got my FJ about 3 weeks ago and I was told that I needed to "catch up" with mods, farkles, etc... 
Challenge Accepted!
Added some Yamaha wheel decals and rear, jack spools-
Front Axle Sliders-
Ram Mount for the Phone-
Red, FJ-09 Levers-
Hard Cases and Top Rack (I have the 50L, Euro Case on order)-
And I added the Red, Reflective Stripe to the side, body work (I used the flash in the photos, so the red looks brighter than it actually is)-
That's all for now. I still have a list of things to do-
New windscreen- I live about an hour ride to CalSci, so I may ride up there and try a few on to help decide on the best one.
Suspension- I really want to replace the rear shock, with one that has an external, pre-load adjuster.
Exhaust- leaning towards the Akro, full Ti system, but Daaaayyyum! It's a LOT! Maybe the Ixil system. We'll see.
Overall, I'm very happy with the bike and the suspension is better now that it is broken in. Wind protection is still crappy (I'm 6'03") and it's a pretty mild exhaust note.
More to come peeps.
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Looks good!
I did something similar to the red stripe except I had some black reflective 3M tape and used that. Doesn't pop like yours (which I think yours looks better), but, it does show up decent when lights hit it.
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Good idea to go visit CalSci. being 6'3" you'll want the large I think. Maybe they can make one a little taller for you if needed. I'm 6'0" and I have the CalSci large. I mostly use it in the middle position, sometimes high position if I'm slabbing or if its really wet.
What are the jack spools for, are you going to remove the centerstand?
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Most of those items came off E-Bay (I love buying crap off E-Bay).
The rear spools are mostly for looks- I plan on keeping the center stand.
The reflective tape isn't doing so well. I cleaned the grove and used a hair dryer on the tape to smooth out the wrinkles in the curved section, and had so-so success. After a few rides it started to peel. I am going to cut sections out and take that approach. No bends.
Just search FJ-09 Sliders or Spools and all kinds of good crap comes up!
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