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Hi all,
have been lurking this forum for a while, but thought no need to register as long as I don´t have an FJ-09.
Finally decided and bought the FJ-09 yesterday, so here I am :D
Got the gray one, would have preferred the red, but I don´t mind too much and I didn´t want to wait any longer.
I was pondering about which bike to get far too long...
Rode it home from the dealer yesterday (about 90 miles), but had to go to a wedding in the afternoon. Today I was at a baptism, and just when I got home it started to rain >:(
What I found out on the first ride is that I do not like the screen in the lowest setting. Have to try the other two settings, but I see myself getting a short screen very soon.
No accessories so far, might or might not get some frame sliders or crash bars.
Will probably take off the hand guards or change them for some smaller ones.
Am located a bit south of Atlanta and I have to say, it´s too warm and too flat here!
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Welcome.  It's a great bike.
But, the screen is not going to work in any setting.  Take it off.  Bike is absolutely great without it.
In 6-12 months, I predict, some aftermarket maker will get a screen to work. 
Keep an eye on this forum.
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