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Kettenmax chain cleaning kit

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I while back I promised I will buy and do a review on Kettenmax chain cleaning kit. The time has come to make good on my promise.
After a 3000km trip over dusty tarmac and some gravel roads my chain was really dirty and in need of some tlc. So I decided to try standard Kettenmax chain cleaning kit (17,99€). I also bought the S100 chain cleaner for 15,99€ (hmm, the cleaning liquid costs almost as much as the whole kit  B-| ).
[/strong][strong]So what you get?[/strong]
In the box you get:
1. Kettenmax (the cleaning box with brushes)
2. fill-it-yourself pump bottle
3. range of tubes and adapter for connecting the pump bottle
4. tube with adapter for spray cans (chain cleaner or lube)
5. draining tube
6. string and hooks for fixing the Kettenmax7. instructionsu3hzOiB.jpg?1
[strong]How to use it?[/strong]
Before the first use you have to trim the white brushes down to the right width of the chain. I just basically pressed the Kettenmax against the chain to get the marks and cut the access away (for details you can see the video below).XXoIZHX.jpg?1
After that you attach the upper and the lower part over the chain (there is just enough space on FJ between the exhaust and the rear tire), attach the draining tube and hook the small tubes to the black nipples on the Kettenmax and the pump bottle (that is filled with cleaning fluid of course). Fix the Kettenmax to the footpeg (or similar) with the hooks and string and you are ready to go.
Than you just rotate the back wheel and squeeze the bottle until the chain is clean.
After that I used a toothbrush to clean the rear sprocket. The sprocket was very clean but I made a mess of my rear rim. Dohh :P !
The result is squeaky clean chain that is ready for some fresh lube.
- Easy to use
- Cleans good
- Almost no mess
- You don’t use a lot of cleaning flouid
- Easy to clean afterwards
- All the brushes are detachable and replaceable if needed
- Not expensive
- Fixing it in place with hooks and a string is not so easy, especially because it should be levelled and not crocked and there is very little space on the FJ between chain, exhaust and rear wheel
- It is easier if you have somebody to help: one holds the Kettenmax in place and squeezes the bottle, the other one spins the rear wheel
All in all I am happy with the Kettenmax. However I do not recommend it to be used to often. The cleaning liquid and the brushes really do a good job of degreasing your chain, maybe even too good, so the o-rings are almost totally dry. So make sure you lube your chain and sprocket extensively afterwards.
PS: You can also use the Kettenmax to spray the lube on the chain. I haven’t tried it yet. I suppose it would be less messy, because the lube would not be sprayed all over the place, but I wonder how much lube would be scraped off by the brushes. Will report after I will try it.
Kettenmax video for more info:
[video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF1dKUZLQE4]  
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Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of a Park Tool chain cleaner I have for bicycle chains. It's designed to work with citrus degreaser which I certainly wouldn't use on an o-ring chain.
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Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of a Park Tool chain cleaner I have for bicycle chains. It's designed to work with citrus degreaser which I certainly wouldn't use on an o-ring chain.
I used to use K-1 with my Park chain cleaner back in my avid bicycling days. Worked well and left a thin paraffin coating on the chain when it dried. Might try it on the FJ with the Kettenmax.
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Little late to the game on this one, but the Kettenmax works like a charm.


I'm doing some volunteer time for a local motorcycle training program (350 +/- of 200-250cc bikes...) - bought 2 of these & very satisfied with the results and ease of use. Enough so that I bought one for myself - did my '17 FJ09 over the weekend. Use a mix of 2 parts kerosene, one part transmission fluid, and go at it.  Makes the grunge brush and other spray cleaner look bad & the chain stays on the bike. Spin the chain manually for Kettenmax cleaning and cleanup with a rag after, then lube after cleaning - several choices - I used a Maxim product, we use the Yamaha brand for the program.

Yes, it does come from Austria, so it adds to the cost - have not found a US source.

Kettenmax Premium Light.jpg

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I'm even later to the game, but today I tried the Kettenmax Premium. Works really great on the Tracer!

I've read different reviews on the web and not all of them were equally positive. But the premium kit fits the Tracer like a charm and with both strings firmly holding the Kettenmax, cleaning the chain really was easy. The premium kit comes with S100 chain cleaner (the liquid one) and a small spray canister of S100 white chain lube. I was done in 15-20 minutes, including reading the manual and watching a short tutorial on Youtube.

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Which models did you guys buy special edition I haven't seen there's the premium premium light classic Etc and where did you get them from I went to the manufacturers website and see how much they are with that but in the US I don't know if they deduct it and what shipping is thanks

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  • 9 months later...

Another happy user of the Kettenmax Premium Set here. Been using it for 6 months now, making all brushes obsolete. The S100 chain lube included in the package really made me aware of the quality of their products. The one included in the package is manufactured in Germany and it seems that is not available in US, unfortunately...

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