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Hey folks! Currently on an SV650 that I've tweaked a bit for touring, handlebar conversion etc etc. Looking to get a new bike next year and the FJ ticks all the boxes nicely. I've been lurking on the forum forever so I figure I might as well sign up to get rid of that annoying pop up box if you don't!
Any former SV riders that can give some comparisons? I ride it pretty hard but I want something more comfortable, powerful, and can take hard luggage. Also, I need crash bars because at 31 I somehow have horrible knees and need somewhere to mount highway pegs! 
See ya out there! 
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I had a 2007 SV650 I owned for ~5 years. Did my share of touring on it and put close to 25k on the odometer.
The FJ is pretty danged nice and a real step up from the SV. Power is way up on the twin, 115hp versus 75hp and plenty of torque where yo need it. Brakes are a good bit better, with ABS standard. Ergos are much more comfy out of the box. More leg room, less knee bend and much more upright seating. Stock seat is ok, but it's 100x better than the stock SV seat ever was. I regularly do 300 mile days on the stock FJ saddle with minimal pain and ibuprofen.
You mentioned 'ride it hard' but not sure what you mean... If you tend to enjoy 'spirited' sporty riding, you're in luck. You can thrash the ever-loving snot outta this FJ and it just happily rails along just fine. The stock suspension is far better than the stock setup the SV came with, and most folks seem OK with it. (I had completely reworked the SV setup with forks, springs, oil, emulators and swapped to a rear ZX-14 shock to improve handling. I find the stock FJ setup quite decent, if a tad bit harsh)
I have the Yamaha hard cases and love them. I have more than enough storage for commuting and weekend trips. I also got the Yamaha factory heated grips, you'll want those as well. One thing I would add is a small tank bag, makes for easier access to more needed items. 
Good luck in your decision.
2015 Stealth Grey FJ-09 Pilot
Base of Operations: Chesterfield, VA
Farkels? Lots, nothing flashy, but all functional...
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Trambo, nicely stated.  For all those that decry how Yamaha could let the FJ be released with the limitations it has (although much less so than for the previous FZ-09), they seem to have lost perspective.  Your comparison to your previous SV650 was great.  The FJ's capabilities are so much better than anything comparable.  Can it be better?  Absolutely.  But the OEM package is quite competent and FUN!  If you want better, the design is more than capable of benefiting from higher grade components.  But, out of the box, it works very well.  And, did I mention, it's so much FUN!
This bike is an awesome machine.  The curb weight is incredibly low when you consider all that it includes.  What's the next lightest M/C with a center stand?
Enjoy your new motorcycle!
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As a previous '04 SV650S (with convertibars) owner....
There is really no comparison.
Comfort - The FJ-09 is all day comfortable. I have bad knees, a bad shoulder, and lower back issues. The seat could be better (true for just about any bike), but the FJ is truly one of the most comfortable bikes you will through a leg over.
Power - The FJ has more punch at every point in the rev band. Pulls like a twin down low, and screams like a I-4 up high. In my opinion a triple is second only to a V4 for a bike motor.
Suspension - The FJ is premium compared to a stock SV650. Yes it needs work, but out of the box it really lacks nothing other than hydraulic preload in the rear. (It is a crime to omit that on a bike built for touring.)
It is an upgrade to the SV650 in every way.
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Thanks guys! That's pretty much what I assumed for a compare. I mean, for the price, how can you complain about the FJ?? I'm hoping next spring I can get my mitts on one, maybe next fall. I can't see another bike on the market that checks all the boxes like the FJ, especially the price box. I'll keep lurking for now and post up as soon as I take the plunge. I'm only hoping that the white and blue colourway comes to Canada....
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