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Puig touring screen with medium visor


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Last week I installed my windscreen and visor and finally had the chance to test them out today (had a lot of rain here in houston recently) first off I'm 6'3" tall with a 34" inseam so I sit pretty tall on the bike. Without the visor installed there was still a bit of helmet shake and wind noise so I added the visor with awesome results. Wind noise is minimal and there is zero helmet shake. The screen itself is well made and as a surprise the bottom portion has a matte black finish which I have not seen in any of the photos. I bought both in the light smoke finish. Only complaint is that above 70ish mph the screen flexes moves a bit. In short if you're tall this is a great solution to eliminate with buffeting.
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this company ships worldwide - I have used them to ship stuff to the UK and someone in Canada used them last week. The cost was lower than buying from a local dealer. Remember to ask for German VAT to be deducted and that you may have to pay import duty your end.
http://www.bs-motoparts.com/en/ - if the language switches to German use the toggle switches at the top of the window.
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