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Factory Rear Rack Dimensions?

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Hi everyone, new to the forum and fairly new to the bike (have had it for about a month now). I actually traded a '13 ZX10R that was lightly built (~200rwhp) for it. Anyways...I've begun to get the itch to start building it up as a proper sport touring ADV rig. I've got the heated grips on order, and luckily they're on intergalactic backorder, and the side cases will be coming soon as well. I want to use a dry duffle along with the cases, and the one I'm looking at is ~30" long. What I kind of want to do, is lay it length wise on the passenger pillion, and hopefully on to the factory rack as well. And while I can obviously measure the length of the passenger portion of the seat, I don't know the length/width of the optional rear rack to see if I would have enough stable platform to rest the duffle on. So if anyone has the rack, and knows the measurements of it, I would really appreciate hearing from ya. Thanks!!
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The plastic rack surface measures 12 inches long by 11 inches wide.

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