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Upgrade Kaw-VERSYS to FJ-09

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I just sold my '09 Versys last Sat. and looking forward to picking
up a shiny RED FJ-09 in Sublimity, OR. this Fri...
Any former Versys riders upgraded to the FJ-09 out there?
Did it take long to adjust to the added power and torque?
How does the handling compare and I hope the brakes are
a lot better on the F-Jay...
Any riders out here in the Tri-Cities area??
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Ive had both. Yes the FJ has more power but nothing that should scare you. There are far more powerful bikes out there. I would say the brakes are slightly better, suspension slightly worse and the fueling significantly worse. Both stock seats were horrible. That said, I rather have the FJ if mine started all the time, which it does not and no one can diagnose. I love having ABS which the new Versys has too. If you break in according to the manual you wont notice the added power until yo start taking it past 6000rpm. Funny I almost bought another Versys instead of the FJ.
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I had a 2009 Versys and enjoyed the bike. However, it was not as refined as I would have liked. It had a great engine and would handle the curves great. But I did not care for the clutch or the lack of basic instruments on the bike. The quality was not as refined as the Yamahas. I moved to the FJR (a 2007). I loved the power and smoothness of the ride. However, the bike was too heavy and too large for me. I recently sold the FJR and my 2015 FZ-07 (a great bike) and purchased the FJ-09 from Sublimity Power Sports on the 15th of this month. The FJ-09 fits the niche I was looking for. Large enough to tour on, fast, easy to maneuver, and light enough to handle. I am very pleased with the purchase. The FZ-07 is a fun bike to ride, but the FJ-09 provides more options for the motorcyclist. I am now down to two bikes - the FJ-09 and a 2008 Yamaha XT250. The XT is a great duel sport bike - perfect for exploring the many logging roads in Southern Oregon.
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I put 10k miles on my 2009 Versys. My FJ-09 beats the snot out of it with power, electronics, brakes and at least as good if not better suspension. I have sorted the windshield with a Madstad and it is more versatile than the Versys shield. The Versys suspension was quite harsh. Did you enjoy the dash buzz on the Versys? I found the parallel twin of the Versys kinda lacking for touring. The triple is so much more everything that gives us a grin or a good scare when riding. The Versys was OK just not quite the same league as the FJ. Although their seats have similar shortcomings.
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