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Second Introduction.


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My first attempt at an introduction was really just a statement that I was due to pick up my Tracer on 22 Aug. So now that I have collected it, and I am a proud owner I thought I’d give a better intro.
I got my test about 25 years ago and I’m now more interested in having fun at whatever seems like a reasonable speed than wearing my back tyre out to the edge for the sake of it. However, “reasonable speed” may on one day be 50 mph and on another it might be a little bit quicker than that (on private roads of course officer!!) The Tracer seems ideal for this!
In the last few years my annual mileage has got pitifully low as I’ve lost enthusiasm for the overcrowded roads in Southern England where I live. So I tend to do my miles in a couple of tours a year, usually to WW2 historical sites in France and Belgium. I’ll put up some photos sometime. I know quite a few people from the UK see the Alps as the place to go, and having lived near there for a couple of years they are awesome, but for a quick jaunt the Ardennes and Eiffel regions are a good alternative.
I had BMWs and then for the last 3 years a Suzuki GSX1250FA. It has been good, but the seat to peg distance has at last got to me as I’m a big lad – 6’ 3” and 250lbs. I thought I needed a big “stratocruiser” or “battleship” sort of a bike, but a couple of hours test ride on the Tracer was a revelation. Light, fast, manageable and FUN.
As an aside, when I was a BMW owner I was a member of the UkGSer Forum. This is an extremely well supported forum and well worth a look/lurk for anyone. There are users and topics from around the world (some of the ride reports are awesome). But guess what - they spend a lot of time talking about screens and seats, and then oil, plus reliability and how to change their bike. Looks like no matter what you ride the issues can be similar.
I’m looking forward to getting my 600 mile service done and fettling the suspension which is very “choppy” on rough roads. I’ll stick on a few additions as well. Thanks to everyone who posts on here, I’ve learnt a lot already.
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Hello nemo - I am still active on the UKGSer forum, despite not having a BMW GS since 2011. I see you have not visited that site for nearly a year.
You need to come west in the UK to find some lovely roads with not too much traffic. I live in the Cotswolds and I'm just half an hour from Wales via the Forest of Dean. I'm not spoilt for fun roads at all :)
I am a fan of Alpine roads too but I am cutting back the distances - I have been to the Eiffel and Ardennes many times. Add the Vosges Mountains in Alsace and the Massif Central to your lists of relatively close areas with nice mountain roads.
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