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Hello from Western Australia!


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Dropping in to introduce myself!
I've had the bike for a few months now and am very happy with the performance and comfort. I have had a few issues with the high speed wobble but adjusting my suspension has helped reduce that. Now only seem to get it with the factory panniers on  above 170kph so I will continue to adjust as see how it goes.
I've also fitted the ermax sports screen, EP radiator guard, H&B "crotchless" engine guard and KTM factory hand guards. The bike came with TKC 80s from the dealers but they will be getting changed with something less aggressive once they wear out. Nice tyres but not necessary on this bike. 
Once I get some photos hosted I'll upload them.
Something I can also attest to is the function of the factory immobiliser as my bike was stolen and dumped near to my house a few days ago... >:( 
Thanks for all the good info on here
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Hello & welcome
I quite like the look with the TKC80 tyres but as you say, hardly necessary as the suspension is not able to cope with surfaces that need those tyres.
Sorry to hear your bike was molested and hope the damage does not keep you off the road for long. We have had factory immobilisers on bikes since the late 1990s in the UK. This has reduced thefts greatly, especially opportunist thefts and meant insurance premiums have dropped dramatically. Still doesn't stop the organised gangs who throw your bike in the back of a van and break it for spares...
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Have no Idea why they would put those tires on that bike. Going to go with Pilots when my D222 wear out.
Really TKC 80's?????
Do you like the TKC?

Makes it look more like a batcycle.  They do seem quite aggressive for this bike but I think they look sexy on it.  
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