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Temecula, CA here...


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New owner from Temecula here.
Great to see this site here. I've been picking up some great info to figure out exactly how I want to set up my bike.
I picked up a red '15 FJ-09 last week. I've only have a couple hundred miles on it, but I am very happy with the purchase.
I've owned a street triple and a k1300, and the FJ seems to give me what I enjoyed most between the 2 in power, handling, and comfort. Well, maybe not everything in terms of comfort (seat) and luggage, but the aftermarket options will certainly make it possible.
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Hi and Welcome! I ride a red one and live in Palm Desert. Have about 6,500 miles on it. My list of "must" mods is short: 1) I had a local upholstery shop add more form to the seat, which they were able to do and still re-use the original cover. $50 and that settled the seat issue. 2) Mirror extenders - really help at a small cost. See the thread for KoubaLink mirror extenders, $30 and look like they were made for the bike. 3) ECU Reflash - Took a "short" ride up to the Seattle area to visit my brother and had it done while up there from Nels at 2Wheel Dynoworks, who has a thread on this forum. Now the bike is smooth as silk on and off the throttle, has no factory imposed top speed limit, engine braking is reduced from severe to "normal." HOWEVER, if I wasn't going to Seattle anyway, I would have had it done at FlashTune in Orange County for less money but you have to take the ECU out yourself (Nels will do it for you when you take the bike in). I kept the stock windscreen, I'm 6'3" and find the lower position results in less wind buffeting, but this is of course a very personal thing. I've ridden the bike up to Seattle and back in a week and loved every minute of it. Enjoy!
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Mirror extendors! I didn't think there was such a thing, but I sure have contemplated why they couldn't make the stems longer as I look at my arms in the mirrors.
That, ECU, and seat sounds like a great place to start. Thanks.
I'm wondering, are there any risks as far as the warranty goes with a reflash?
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