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Painting Side Bags

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I have the side bags off a 05 FJR and they are blue. Now I need to paint them but feel the bags painted all Candy Red is too much red and the bags look big on this bike. I did some photo shop work and will post it here for your entertainment or enjoyment or use if you like. The photo shop work isn't that good because of the Paint level program I am using. Let me know what you think, for my entertainment, as I like the bags painted Candy Red and adding 3M vinyl reflective material applied to the sides. Her goes:
You can find the pictures here on Flickr if I can't figure a way to make them show up (free):  https://www.flickr.com/photos/kenhattan/sets/72157649884356619/

Ken, Candy Ass L.D.R. Sleeps 8 hours
(2)2005 FJR1300abs:  230,000 m
2015 FJ-09:  114,000 m (Replaced engine at 106K)

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