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Fork play

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What you describe sounds like loose steering head bearings.
It is well-known in the FJR1300 community that the steering head bearings usually need to be checked & re-torqued.
For some reason, even after the FJR being available for 12 years, Yamaha still overlooks this??
Check with your dealer, maybe they'll check it out at no cost.
Not sure if a service manual is available for the FJ, but maybe the spec is the same as the FZ model.
I know there is a specific procedure on how to torque the FJR steering head bearings, may be similar on the FJ?
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Let us know what you find out, seems odd to actually be able to notice that when just setting on it in the showroom.
On my previous FJR, you really only noticed it when coming to a stop while riding, maybe on that particular FJ, they are very loose??
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