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How many Yamahas have you owned?


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First of all please excuse me if I haven't done this correctly. I am not a fan of the format used in Forums and I have trouble trying to communicate on them. With that said back to the subject. I have been riding since I was 14, I'm soon to be 60. Of the 10 bikes I've owned most of them have been Yamahas. I've owned a 1973 175 CT3 Enduro, a 1975 DT400B Enduro, a 1976 XS 650 twin, a 1980 XJ650 Maxim, 2 1982 XJ920 Viragos (the first one was stolen) and now the 2015 FJ-09. I loved all these bikes but my favorite up til now was the 650 Maxim.  It was a fairly new design, fast, somewhat comfortable and very cool looking.  I believe the FJ-09 will become my all time favorite.  It is simply a blast to ride and with a few modifications will be a very comfortable bike to live with and tour on. I spent a lot of time on a Honda CT70 which I learned to ride on.  From there I rode a Honda SL100 and a SL125.  These were my cousins bikes but I got to ride them just as much as he did.  I owned a 1975 Honda CB550F Supersport, a Honda CB750 Nighthawk.  The 550 was my first street bike and the end of my off road riding.  It was also a great bike, smooth as butter and somewhat fast.  It was an extremely comfortable bike to ride.  Unfortunately it suffered from carb issues which eventually caused me to sell it.  The 750 Nighthawk was a good bare bike but I only kept it for 2 years.  I think the boat won out.  My last bike prior to my current FJ-09 was a 2002 Kawasaki Concours.  It was fast and handled pretty good for a loaded bike but the riding position was terrible and it leaked oil with less than 5000 miles on it.  It was also a pig to ride slow.  Luckily Kawasaki fixed it for free.   
Selbyville, DE
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I own a 1976 XS650C that I've had since new. Bought with money from cutting lawns as a kid at 17. It still is a total blast to ride. I only keep non-ethanol fuel in her and even some Stabil. Soon I'll be taking delivery on a FJ09. Can't wait! Will I sell the XS650C? No way!!!
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TDM850 (1996, 2nd gen with 270 degree crank) owned from new 1996 to 99
XT1200Z Super Tenere (2010 model) owned from 2011 to 2015
MT09 Tracer - current bike, owned from new in March
All good bikes. Regretted selling the TDM as the CBR600FX I had afterwards just wasn't me.
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The FJ09 is my 2nd Yamaha. My first was a 1982 Maxim 400 that I owned from 1988 to 1997. It was very light and quick for a 400 and got stellar MPG. I traded it for a shaft-drive Shadow and now I'm back to a chain-drive Yamaha. The FJ09 is a blast! I have driven it more miles in four months than I put on the Shadow in any three years.

2015 red FJ-09: Cal Sci screen, Sargent seat, ECU flash, slider combo, cruise, Rizoma bars, Matts forks, JRi shock, slipper clutch

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This is my first STREET Yamaha. My first Yammer was a dirtbike. :)
Most of my street bikes have been Suzuki, Kawi or Honda.
That said, the FJ-09 is my favorite streetbike of all of them now.
2015 Stealth Grey FJ-09 Pilot
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As for the Yamahas, I've had:
2001 YZ125
2003 Road Star Warrior
2005 Road Star Silverado
2007 FJR1300
2008 WR250X
2015 FJ-09
There have been other bikes as well.  All of them since 2003 are listed here.
Only two in in the garage now.  A 2014 KTM 500 EXC keeps the FJ company.
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I have owned 7 yami's!
7 Yamahas for me too, first place! Suzuki is in second, 5 of them. 3 Kawis, 2 Hondas. 1 Norton, 1 Triumph, 1 KTM.And 1 Hardly-Ableson / Aermacchi (the mighty Z-90!)

Wow, I knew you were a moto nerd but that's a hell of a lot of bikes :-). 
I'm on my first Yamaha, plus 2 Suzukis, a Kawasaki, and a Triumph.  (Brand loyalty?  What's that?)
I didn't get my first bike until I was 32, though, so a lot of you had big head starts.  Still, I like to believe I'm making up for lost time.
2015 FJ-09 (Mary Kate)
2007 Daytona 675 (Tabitha, ret.)
1998 Vulcan 800 (Ret.)
2001 SV650S (Veronica, Ret.)
2000 Intruder 800 (Ret.)
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