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Yamaha comfort seat


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I got one thrown in at cost when I bought the bike. They had to order it so I put about 600 miles on the stock seat while waiting. It truly sucked! Since installing I've put about 2500 on the comfort seat with a couple of 300 plus mile rides.
Made from a firmer and denser foam and it's almost too hard at first - but it breaks in and softens up. I found the covering a bit too grippy. I like to slide around a bit setting up for twisties and it's more difficult than I'd like . Also not quite narrow enough next to the tank, making flat footing at a stop uncomfortable.
Compared to stock it looks much better and is more comfortable . I think this is the seat Yamaha should have put on the from the start and many would not have felt the need to upgrade . That being said though I will be ordering the Corbin seat soon as I do have some back issues and it's just not good enough for all day riding.
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