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Future owner current rider in Kentucky (cue the banjo music)


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Always try to start out on a new forum by posting to the "Noobie" section and saying hello. Rider in Kentucky from Ohio been riding for 8+ years on a Triumph right now looking at the FJ, well already drank the koolaid just waiting till spring at this point. Doing research on bags, suspension changes, heated grips etc. Figured I would join a forum so I didn't go alone and troll the whole thing. 
Current bike:
She gets me around and makes a lot of noise. Fun and don't plan on getting rid or her for the FJ. Just not a great touring bike so looking to add to the stable you could say. Well, looking forward to getting to know some of you and hope to be on an FJ soon but for now I troll for data and input.
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Great patience on your part. Almost two years after your original post about getting a FJ!
Well done, I couldn't have waited that long.
The exhaust seems a little low on that Triumph compared to the tires that you mounted?
Hope your enjoying both bike's and good luck. :)
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