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Just joined as i've put the FJ09 on my shortlist for upcoming purchase. I went to the Toronto bike show last week and sat on this and the FZ-09 which i like too. I found the seat is narrower on the FJ. I like the idea more of the FJ as an allrounder but i am toying with a few other bikes. Because I live out in the country a bit I am a bit concerned whether i should have a proper dual sport as the roads round my way are a bit crappy and gravelly.
My shortlist mainly is
2014 Versys 1000 - 
2010/11/12  Ktm 990 Adventure - The ultimate do it all bike in my opinion. Had a couple before back home and loved em.
2015 FJ09
2012/13 Ktm SMT - not that i can find one to suit
and wildcard FZ09 because they look such a bargain!
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@sam Well, obviously on an FJ-09 forum you'll get some bias, but here's my two cents. 
I don't think the Versys is going to be any better than the FJ on those roads, although depending how bad they are, it may be a non issue. Just get an Extenda Fenda and a radiator guard.
There was a Versys next to the FJ-09 at the dealer I got mine from. Sales guy couldn't fathom why anyone would buy the Versys now that the FJ is out.
KTM is known for amazing suspension, which you already know if you've owned one. You're probably not going to have the same crap your pants excitment as the FJ-09 in A mode, but you won't be unhappy with them either.
I'd scratch off the FZ-09. It's a different category. Not what you're looking for by the sounds of it. More like a hooligan machine. Adding things to make it more like the FJ will just cost you more than the FJ in the first place. The price difference, in my opinion, is more than worth the differences between the two.
Good luck with the choice, there isn't a bike on your list you will hate owning, just gotta find the one that ticks the most boxes :)
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Welcome sam!
I agree with FigJam-OhNine. Both the Versys and the FJ-09 are adventure looking road bike, made for roads, and not really any substantive off roading or heavy gravel. But, either will do OK on graded gravel/dirt, as long as the suspension travel limits are accounted for. The KTM will be much more capable, as would an F800GS or Tiger 800XC.
But on real roads, even pretty crappy ones, the FJ-09 is grin inducing.
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Thanks for the replies. Here's my train of thought. I am a big reader and like to research anything before i buy so i've done my research on all possible bikes.
Versys 1000 - I quite like the quirky looks on the versys and its again has plenty of power and comfort. I have heard of vibration issues around 6k revs.
Suspension needs a bit of work too. Aftermarket stuff is available now though. I can get a lightly used demo for over $2k less than a new FJ09.
KTM - Has the handy 21 inch fr. wheel so i could go anywhere with this. I'm a suspension guy and these can be set up perfectly quite easily. I've had 2 950s back in the UK before we moved here and loved them. I would like a little more power maybe. I know the 990 im looking at is higher and a little tweakable. I also can get a 19/17 wheel setup from Alpina too which would give best of both worlds.
Shorter service intervals though are a pain.
FJ09 - Sat on it at the show and it fitted me well. Im not tall and it felt light. From what ive seen and read that engine seems awesome. Ive not had a triple yet and would like to try one.
FZ09- I like naked bikes but don't think it would fit in my life. I love the fz09 lookswise and again that engine seems fun. The only way i think i could manage this bike would be too buy the ktm too then i'd have everything. But it would make funds a bit tight.
Everything has its issues and i did read about the issues on the fz09 so im presuming may be the same on the fj. I'm told the snatchy throttle is smoother on the fj and if not again a reflash/ecu map is going to help that. I see there is a choice of suspension swaps for the fz so again if im sure they will be available for the FJ before long too. I also read people weren't impressed with brakes. Again another fairly easy fix i expect with braided lines and poss a disc upgrade?
The camchain tensioner is a slight concern too.
So im pretty picky. Unfortunatly its not really test ride weather here in Ontario either. I am a little biased with KTM because they're so much fun to ride but i would like to have japanese reliablilty for a change. I have another ktm which is gonna be for dual sport trails so i suppose the 17inch wheels doesnt have to be too much of an issue. Decisions Decisions!
Has anybody thats bought one got much of a deal yet either?
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Also i still have a bucket load of accessories for the ktm stored away like exhaust, luggage and more which will save me money too that doesnt help me make my mind up
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Also some correct me if im wrong but when you buy a new bike ontop of the price is 1. tax(hst) etc 2. freight and pdi.?
And if you buy a used vehicle only the taxes apply. Is this correct?
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Also some correct me if im wrong but when you buy a new bike ontop of the price is 1. tax(hst) etc 2. freight and pdi.? And if you buy a used vehicle only the taxes apply. Is this correct?
HST is added at the very end, on: bike price + any Freight + any PDI + any dealer fees. I looked online, found a dealer within Ontario selling for MSRP + HST, nothing else. Took that to my local dealer who matched it.
For a used vehicle in Ontario if it is sold with the Safety, then it is in good running condition. You cannot register a used vehicle on ON until the Safety is done. I've never bought a used vehicle from a dealer, always private sales - in that case HST is charged when you register the vehicle.
FJ-09, 690 Enduro R.
Back Roads. Period.
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@sam the way you're talking it sounds like you're trying to talk yourself out of buying another KTM just for the sake of change, but at the same time, it sounds like the right bike for you.
As for the FJ, the brakes are great not spectacular. Great is still... well great. I see no reason to upgrade. For the throttle mapping, they absolutely fixed it on the FJ. I always feel like I'm in control of the bike and not the other way around. Even the 2015 FZ-09 has revised throttle maping (which they are making available for 2014 owners if they take it to a dealer for a flash upgrade). Yamaha claims its just 'revised mapping' but when you read between the lines, they clearly knew they screwed up and fixed it for 2015. Not that some don't like the 2014 FZ, apparently if you like defying death at every turn, it's the bike for you! ;)
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