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Hi, my name is Juan, just upgraded to FJ-09 from Versys 650


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Hi everyone, my name is Juan, I live in San Jose, Costa Rica.   Just got my new FJ-09.  I made a huge upgrade from a Versys 650 (2011).  A few things and points of comparison between these two bikes:
- Engine response, power and aggressiveness is the biggest change I have felt so far.
- FJ-09 is louder, higher pitch sound, kind of a sportier sound than Versys.
- I'm 6´2", and around 220 lbs; it's easier to get on and off the FJ-09, a lot easier for the passenger also.  Once I'm riding it, I have the feeling that I'm higher up, but passenger position seems lower in Fj-09 than Versys.  I find my self riding the FJ-09 leaning a little forward, a sportier position, let's say it that way.
- Headlights are a huge improvement riding at night.
- The seat is definitely harder on the FJ-09, I usually don't ride longer that 30 minutes, I basically use it to rite to work; but I'll definitely consider an upgrade to the confort seat.
- Suspension feels harder on the FJ-09; haven't done any adjustments yet, will do that for sure in the following weeks.
- Tire pressures seems kind of high in owner's manual: 42 rear, 36 front.  Checked pressure at dealer's garage: 32 rear, 35 front.
- Handlebar is a little wider than Versys, makes it a little harder to go through heavy traffic (not that you should be doing that).
Those are my first thoughts.  Now, I'll start looking into some engine protection, front and back protection; wheel fender extensions; and maybe upgrade to led turn signals.  Any suggestions are welcome.
Thanks to all.
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It's funny, when I saw the headline I was going to say, "You're going to find the seat less comfortable."
I rented a 2014 Versys 650 for a tour in California last year, did ~1000 miles in four days including two 12-13 hour days. I got real familiar with that seat and I have to say that it was the most comfortable stock seat I've ever done any real time on. I was very impressed.
In contrast the FJ's seat is a bit too hard and the cover material promotes swamp butt worse than any other seat I've ever used and there are two edges towards the back of the seat that gave hot spots on my thighs which drove me insane after about 5 hours.  It's not even close to the worst stock seat I've ever owned though (Suzuki, I'm looking at YOU).
Don't expect the Comfort Seat to completely alleviate the hard foam issue. I haven't ridden the stock one back-to-back with the Comfort -- I own both, but I disassembled the stock seat to try the Seat Concepts reupholstering kit so I can't try it out anymore -- so I can't say this with utmost confidence but my feeling is that they are not all that different. The Comfort Seat is still a touch hard in my mind, especially if you're riding with thin gear, although it bugs me most in the 2-3 hour range and doesn't seem to be a big problem much beyond 3 hours.  When riding with full thickness gear (summer suit with liners or leathers) it's fine.  I might try riding with bicycle shorts on my next summer tour.
The shape of the Comfort Seat is, however, a distinct improvement over the stocker and so is the cover material -- which is right up there with my old leather covered Corbin for keeping away swamp butt in hot weather.  Those two things make it well worth the investment, especially since competitive seats are a lot more expensive, but if money is no object you can probably do better elsewhere.  If money is tight then the Seat Concepts reupholstering kit may work; I loved the foam but the shape didn't work for me.   Others like the shape, so YMMV.
The FJ's suspension will soften a bit with use; it used to drive me crazy when new, with bumpy roads giving me a good shaking, but after three or four months and a couple of longer tours it was doing better.  I assume the oil viscosity has broken down a bit. Either that or I have simply forgotten what good suspension feels like. :-) The Versys' suspension was practically the polar opposite, very soft. That was great on bumpy backroads but it had crazy brake dive and wasn't hard to get wonky when cornering hard. The FJ is quite a bit better if you're riding hard, quite a bit worse if you're touring.  There is plenty of aftermarket support for improving it if you want to go that way.
One of the reasons I bought the FJ and not the Versys was the motor. The Versys motor was just so flat and boring. I had a stomping great time in the canyons anyway, mind you, but I wanted more top end and it just wasn't there. I find the FJ's motor very comparable down low and it lights up right when the Versys motor was shutting down. I can fix the things about the FJ that are a bit annoying, but I can't replace the Versys' motor with something more exciting. So no Versys.
IMO the apparent difference in the height of the bikes comes down to the wideness. The Versys felt really wide to me, a lot wider than I think a twin ought. The FJ, on the other hand, feels slim like a sportbike. While neither is a cakewalk for someone like me with a 28" inseam, the FJ is a little easier to handle. That was also a selling point.

Now, I'll start looking into some engine protection, front and back protection; wheel fender extensions; and maybe upgrade to led turn signals.  Any suggestions are welcome.
One good thing about the FJ is that there is a hell of a lot of third party support already, it hit the ground running on account of the popularity of the sister FZ-09.
I am a fan of the SW-Motech crash bars for engine protection, although there are plenty of other options. Poke around this site you'll see a lot of them.  Some people here have done a lot of modifications and there are plenty of pictures and reviews.
Welcome to the club!
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Thanks guys. Your comments are very helpful. Any advice about rear fender extension or replacement. We get a lot of rain down here, the back spring and bottom of the seat is already dirty and muddy. I've seen some options on ebay and in this forum, but not any final judgement as avoiding dirt to get all over the place. Front fender extension seems to be a little more straight forward, I'm looking at the one from pyramid.
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I had an 08 Versys and although very fun for back mountain roads, 50hp and a riding position that was too cramped after 30 minutes was a bad combination. The FJ, to me, is Yamaha's Versys 850 with double the power and more room, it's why I'm considering une.
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