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New Givi Windscreen


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Just installed a Givi Windscreen.
Got it from ADV Depot/LM Cycle Supply. 
Cost:  $180 for windscreen and mounting bracket.  Quick delivery
Installation:  Straightforward, 30min (or less) job (took me less time than figuring out how to upload these pics :) )
Issues:  none. the screen fits around hand guards, mounting bracket mounts in front of plate (and black hides the bracket), does not effect normal screen adjustment/movement
Result:  Much better protection, much quieter ride, solid mounting and quality product, and looks good.
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That's a big screen. Perfect for touring by the looks of it .
How much clearance is there between the screen and the hand guards on full lock????
If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you?
I am 5ft 5" and have an awful lot of buffeting/wind noise from the standard screen in any position. Hence I think a taller screen may take the wind/buffeting and noise above me, thus providing clean air.
Thanks in advance.

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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OMFG yamaha spend millions on designing an amazing looking bike and you spend ten minutes on destroying it....hideous.
It doesn't look that bad. If you took a test ride with one on a tour where you rode at least a few 100 miles a day you'd understand, or if you lived in colder weather.
This shield is not that much bigger then what you see on GS's, super tenere and Vstroms etc...The FJ may feel like it, but it's not a sport bike, unless you want yours to be then go ahead and build your dream FJ up.
You shouldn't have to ride a bike like a road King, FJR, RT1200r or gold wing just because you want a bike with a proper windshield. Smaller bikes even Vespas can rock a touring shield if that's what the owner chooses. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the beauty is in the functionality and joy of use.
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I like it, and have the same one on it's way to me now. ;)
The wider lower area, using the pushed out/bends seems to be a very good compromise v/s cutting out that area, and allowing more air flow. (Especially in the winter time, this will be only my winter shield, but I might get some other plastic and cut a shorty that I can paint the backside on, and mount to the Givi mount that gives it a better angle. (And shorter/smaller would be fine in the summer where I just want to protect the gauges, and I want full air flow for the most part like the FZ09 does.)
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Ah, thanks Ronbo!! 
That answers a few things. It's hard to tell front on how the screen and guards work together as on your OP the curvatures on the lower front of the screen aren't really pronounced.
Seeing the behind the screen view explains that.
Have been reading another post on this forum regarding the Parrabellum screen and the feedback on that seems pretty good too (they have optional heights available - 22", 24" & 26").
Guess it's up to personal preference.
Best be saving some pennies first though (have ordered a top box & crash bars which are both on there way) and hubby has dropped the hint that I might hold off buying anything else for just a bit  :)

Kimmie......the lady who likes to take little detours :)

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