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Chain Oilers - Your Input Needed


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I am trying to make the decision on exactly what chain oiler to fit to the 09. I have narrowed it down to 2 options, the ScottOiler ESystem and the Pro-Oiler. Both appear to be high quality technically advanced units.
For those who are not familiar with the two units, the ScottOiler is an electrical driven unit that incorporates motion sensors to tell the unit you are using the bike and it then squeezes out measured drops of oil on the chain every so many seconds of operation. They claim 1500/1800 miles between fillups of the reservoir. The unit is a single self-contained unit and has a remote control pad you can adjust while underway.
ScottOiler Linky
The Pro-Oiler system is similar in in the control unit, but then varies quite a bit. It uses a small, separate electromagnetic pump inline with oil feed line to drive the unit. The reservoir is a bottle that can be formed to fit in any little nook or cranny or you can build your own. In short I think the Pro-Oiler system may be easier to hide.  It's main difference is it's use of the speed signal of the motorcycle to regulate the flow of oil. It can even accept GPS input to determine oil flow.
Pro-Oiler Linky
If you have either of these system I wouldn't mind hearing from you about your experience...it will hopefully help me make a better decision. Space is a consideration as I am installing a Rostra underseat. I eagerly await your responses. Thanks in advance for your help!
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I got my Scott E-system for my last bike when the stock chain started going bad after just 10,000, despite copious spraying with the "I-don't-remember-anymore" brand spray. After I installed it on that bike, the next chain was still good when I traded it in 20,000 miles later. I removed the Scott oiler and put it on my new FJ-09. I'm closing in on 14,000 miles, and the chain still looks new - at least the rollers between the links are bright and shiny, and the sprockets don't look worn.
I've been getting near or better than what Scott says for oiler mileage, but I have mine on a drop every 70 seconds, and the motion sensors that control when the 70 seconds start are set to be conservative - they're set to be more insensitive to the bike's shaking than Scott recommends.
As you can see, I have my controller mounted to my handlebars, and the oiler itself mounted to a frame piece above the chain. I've never had any problem with the handlebar controller placement and rain, but then again, I live in southern Arizona, so I don't get a lot of rain to try stuff like that out with.
That's assuming I can post pictures here - I certainly can't see them in the "Create Post" preview. Here's hoping...
Nope, sorry, the pix wouldn't post. I guess you'll have to use your imagination.
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I've used Scottoilers in the past and the factory back up is excellent.
However, I like the low-tech of the automatic Tutoro system.
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