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Liner Bags for hard cases


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Same here. I have a couple of thin nylon bags that are about two thirds of the size of the 40 litre panniers. Clothes and other stuff I may want in my hotel room go in the bags. The other third has other stuff like tools, puncture repair kits, souvenirs and they stay in the pannier on the bike, So, you get easy access to tools etc if needed on the road and a light load to carry into the hotel in the evening.
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Some folks love them. Many destroy the zippers early by over-packing. Personally I bought a used FJR that didn't come with liners. Bought some before my Alaska trip (aftermarket on Amazon), looked them over and decided to return them.
I bought the Yamaha liners for their hard bags and have been pretty disappointed.  The liner quality is *very* good, so it's not that -- it's that the bags have external piping along the seams and it gets stuck in the clamshell of the bags, making it almost impossible to close them if the liners are anything like full. 
On my last trip, my first with the Yamaha bags, I spent a stupid amount of time trying to get everything into the liners and the bags closed around them.  If the liners were not stuffed full it wasn't too bad, but with 22L bags there isn't much room to begin with so packing loose for a longer trip is just not possible, at least for me.
I ended up putting everything into giant ziplock bags just like the old days with my Givis.  That was nicer for organization anyway, I could divide stuff up into several ziplocks and they could be shoved into shape to fill every nook and cranny in the luggage.  I fit more stuff in there that way and it was much easier to close everything up.  It's not elegant, and I have to drag the hard bags into the hotel (probably covered in mud :-), but it works better.
I haven't decided what to do with the liners yet.  They're nice pieces and maybe there is some situation where they will work better.  I used to put the emergency stuff in one, which was nice because things didn't fall out if I opened the bag, but getting the bag closed was so irritating that I gave up.  Maybe they will be useful for day trips.
If Yamaha modified the design to get rid of the piping I think I would be a fan.  As it is, though, not so much ... and that's a shame because I could use the utility and they really are well made.
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