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KLIM Apex jacket first 500 miles


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So, even with a generous discount from this forum, this jacket cost more than my first motorcycle. That said, it is the best made piece of moto clothing that I have ever worn.
Apex Sizing: I'm 5'11" and 165 lbs; I went with a medium. The cut of this jacket is snug. I would say that it is somewhere between the fit of a dual sport (ADV) coat and the form fit of street leathers. It felt tight to me initially, especially in the arms when bending at the elbow. Once on the bike with arms extended, it feels just right. This makes sense because all of the armor is held perfectly where it needs to be, almost like dirt gear which is strapped in place. It makes me rethink all of the looser fit textile gear that I've worn in the past. (Would that pad really take the hit or would it roll out of position in a crash?) The pads are also much better quality than any of my lesser priced jackets. There is plenty of adjustability at the waist, neck, and arms. It fits well over a t-shirt in warm weather, or I can fit a heated liner underneath for cold weather which has kept me warm down to temps in the 30's. For me, there is not enough room in the medium for heavy layering.
Apex Construction: I do a lot of commute riding in Los Angeles (read: lane splitting) so the Hi Vis was my choice. The jacket material appears to be very stout. It has high quality leather in the impact zones. The seams, zippers, Velcro, and snaps are clearly well made. There is a nice leather trim around the top of the neck (no chaffing). One thing that really surprised me was the venting. There are vents in the upper and lower arm, as well as large torso vents. You can actually operate all of them with the coat on! Somehow, the combination of vents and Gortex keeps me comfortable in 80+ degree weather. This is comparable to my previous full mesh textile jackets. I have not had the chance to ride in heavy rain yet. As a side note on construction quality and warranty, I had a pair of 3 year old KLIM motocross pants which split at a seam. I sent 1 email to KLIM, got an immediate response, and after sending my pants in had a new pair sent to me free of charge. I got 2 follow up emails to make sure that I received the replacement and was happy with it. Truly shocking customer service. 
So, I feel obligated to include some negatives as well..........Hmmmm, at full retail price this jacket is freaking expensive! That's all I've got so far. I will update this review when I have a few thousand more miles logged. Thanks to Cruzin for making this jacket almost affordable!....... Pants next?!?!
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