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Klim Apex wonder jacket review


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Was happy to take part in the great discount through Klim the forum was able to provide for select premium members and was more then happy to be able to support this forum and get a great piece of latest tech gear at a nice discount at the same time.
I got the all black. This jacket just feels great to wear and to touch. Once on it feels like you could live in it outdoors and keep it on for multiple if not all seasons.
I was weary of getting another textile jacket that is not at motoports level of Kevlar abrasion resistance since the Teiz jacket I had on during my last spill when a driver changed their mind and pulled back out from an exit lane on a hwy right in front of me. 5 mph vs 55mph not that great of a scenario. Bike hit car very hard, I slid down road a bit at speed and separated myself from the impact luckily and walked away relatively unscathed in full gear. My denim alpine stars shredded but the Kevlar panels and pads did their job. But my jacket despite the super fabric melted through at the shoulder and elbow. At my elbow I did get a bit of road rash since the pad also slid out of place and then the jacket melted into my skin. It was kind of a nasty chemical burn that left a nice scar on my skin.
So I'm happy this jacket has leather in the most vulnerable in a crash areas. Plus I'm hoping DuPont did put some abrasion resistance tech into this gore material made for this purpose.
Also the way these sleeves cinch down the arm pads or loosen easily with adjustable straps when taking off the jacket and being able to do it easily even with gloves on is the type of detail Klim seems great at getting right. It's a small thing but makes such a difference in everyday use. This jacket was studied thoroughly for all weather sport touring.
I like the black color and minimal branding.
I look forward to many years of enjoyable use out of this jacket combined with my favorite motoport Kevlar riding pants.
I'll report back after more miles.
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Congratulations! I think you will be very happy with it.
I bought a KLIM latitude in black and gray In October and absolutely love it. Haven't tested it in heavy rain yet, but it has handled a long ride in drizzle with ultra heavy fog mixed in and came thru great. I love being able to quickly adjust the fit to the amount of clothing I need to wear.
2015 FJ-09
2006 Triumph Daytona 675
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